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Peta Doyle - NSW Fire Brigades

Fire and Rescue NSW

Peta Doyle

Overview – Fire & Rescue NSW

Fire & Rescue NSW is one of the world’s largest urban fire and rescue services, managing fire and other emergencies in major cities and towns across the State. In addition to fires, the FRNSW responds to rescues, hazardous material incidents and assists the State Emergency Service in responding to natural disasters such as storms and floods. It also delivers community fire prevention and preparedness programs.

The FRNSW has more than 7200 full-time and part-time firefighters and 380 administration and trades staff. With more than 92 full-time and 168 part-time female firefighters, the FRNSW is strongly encouraging more women to consider joining the service.

Why did you join the Fire & Rescue NSW and what is your role?

I had been a competitive swimmer for 12 years, contesting state, national and Olympic swimming trials and representing Australia at various World Cup Swimming Championships. I needed a new challenge in my life and I was craving job satisfaction. I knew I wanted to work outdoors, be part of a team, and help people. I was told it was really hard to get into the FRNSW and I thought this could be the new challenge I was looking for. Now, I’m a fully qualified firefighter based at the busiest fire station in Australia, City of Sydney.

What is the best part of your job?

Being a firefighter is no ordinary job. The work is varied and challenging, with no two days ever the same. One of the most rewarding aspects of the job is the relationships you build with your crew. They become your extended family and you trust them with your life and vice versa. Firefighting is a very satisfying career. It feels good to be working with the community, helping people, making life-long friends, saving property and helping to protect the environment. You really make a difference to people’s lives.

Would you recommend your job to others?

Definitely. A career in firefighting offers plenty of opportunities to develop new skills as well to specialise in particular areas. If you think you have lots of friends, just wait until you join the FRNSW.

What makes a good firefighter?

The FRNSW attracts people who are drawn to the idea of responding to an emergency but, in reality, the job involves much more. Teamwork is vital and qualities such as leadership and compassion are also very important. A reasonable amount of fitness and strength are necessary but what is really important is an ability to think outside the box, learning quickly and take a very proactive approach to your work.

Find out more about working for the Fire & Rescure NSW

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