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NSW Treasury

NSW Treasury

Rebecca Pegg

Name & Job title:

Rebecca Pegg, Economic Analyst - Economic Strategy and National Reform Branches

Department / Agency:

NSW Treasury seeks to achieve a stronger economy and better public services through effective management of state resources. Ultimately, the success of our strategies will mean an improved standard of living for the people of NSW. Treasury is a diverse organisation within the public sector that; provides advice on Economic and Fiscal Strategies, advice on efficiency of NSW Government businesses and other commercial activities, advice on efficiency and effectiveness of General Government Agencies, Budget Management, Public Sector Management Systems, Physical Asset Policy and Assessments, Financial Asset and Liability Management.

Why did you decide to apply for the graduate program with the Treasury and what is your role?

I applied for the Treasury graduate program because I was looking for a job that supports on-the-job training, and develop my practical skills I was concerned about not learning in university. I was never really sure what job an economist does. The structured graduate program, training opportunities and diverse rotations available throughout Treasury appealed to me. Almost one year out of the graduate program I am really happy in my job. I work in two branches that provide both economic and policy advice on a range of issues facing government. I am responsible for liaising with a variety of stakeholders and co-ordinating the overall Treasury response on both State and National Reforms. I am achieving tasks I never imagined I could before commencing the graduate program.

What is the best part of your job?

The type of projects get to work on and the people I get to work with are the reason I get up in the morning. I work with some of the most inspirational people. My rotations throughout the graduate program and the social community within Treasury have allowed me to meet a range of people from different backgrounds. I have developed a network of contacts throughout Treasury who are all supportive of my personal and career development. During one of my rotations I worked with a colleague on a Gateway review of the Sydney Opera House. The team was given a private backstage tour of the facilities and I spent two days working in the boardroom. I was very privileged for the experience. The hours are flexible and there is a strong sporting community within Treasury which I enjoy when I am not too busy at work. I was able to start Treasury’s first netball team in years that plays on Fridays during lunch.

Would you recommend the graduate program to others?

Absolutely. Based on the good experiences of others who have been through the program I think it is flexible enough to suit anyone.

What are your goals and ambitions?

All I want is to be satisfied that I am contributing to improving the economy. There are a lot of areas where I could approach this, however in Treasury I am also in a position to inspire and be inspired and develop leadership skills that can help me to better make change.

What career path does a Treasury analyst offer?

Treasury provides for a lot of experiences and training that can be applied to any workplace but especially within the public sector. Being a part of a central agency you get an in depth understanding of how government operates and how decisions at a high level are made that will affect the whole state.

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