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Bus Operator – State Transit Authority

Kathy Patsidis

Overview - Department/Agency

The State Transit Authority of New South Wales is the government owned authority responsible for the operations of Sydney Buses and Newcastle Buses & Ferries.

With over 2100 buses, State Transit bus fleet is one of the largest and most modern, making it one of the largest bus operations of anywhere in the world.

Comprising over 300 routes in Sydney and 26 routes in the Greater Newcastle area including the Newcastle-Stockton Ferry, State Transit operates over 15,000 services a day carrying more than 600, 000 passengers to their destination.

Why did you join the State Transit Authority and what is your role?

I am a trainee Bus Operator and have been for just under a year now. I worked in pubs for 10 years previous to this and needed a change. A family member who was a bus driver 15 years ago and loved it recommended it to me so I applied.

What is the best part of your job?

The best thing about being a Bus Operator is that you get to do something different everyday. The Ryde depot covers such a large area: we do 60 routes and over 300 school runs so every day is something new. State Transit Authority also provides a lot of training which is great. New starters are provided with a week induction where we get trained on fatigue management, disability awareness, motorbike awareness, travel passes, using the ticket machines and things we can expect as a bus operator. We then get 8-10 days of training on the road with a trainer – learning the routs and the best practices and ways to get around.

Would you recommend your job to others?

Yes – definitely. State Transit Authority is a great place to work. As a new starter everyone goes out of their way everyone goes out of their way to assist you in every way they can. That doesn’t just go for new starters - everyone always looks out for each other.

Describe an average day:

Trainees start on what’s called a ‘Holiday Relief’ roster which means we’re covering shifts for other bus operators who are on leave so every day is different. I get to work and pick up my journal to find out where I am going for the day. Shifts are a minimum of 7 hours and routes can change throughout the day so I could be on a route to Parramatta and then once I get there it could change to somewhere else. It really depends on where the relief is needed.

What career path does the State Transit Authority offer?

State Transit Authority offer so much room to move wherever you want to go. You can move up into a supervisory role, or into a more administrative role, or even a trainer. There are even opportunities within Transport NSW as a whole. It’s really up to you.

Find out more about the State Transit Authority.

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