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2015 Transport for NSW Talent Programs

Transport for NSW Talent Programs – Graduate

Name & Job title:

Jonathan Ussia, TfNSW Graduate

What is Transport for NSW?

Transport for NSW was created in November 2011, as the centrepiece of a comprehensively restructured transport portfolio. Our agency is responsible for managing and shaping the future of the transport system in NSW. We put the customer first in everything we do, ensuring their needs and expectations are integrated in transport planning and policy and in the delivery of services and infrastructure across all modes of transport.

Why did you decide to apply for the graduate program with Transport for NSW and what is your role?

I applied originally for an engineering cadetship at Transport, I was impressed by the way they offered to support me throughout the last couple of years of my degree and then offered me the chance to continue as a graduate. I originally applied without the slightest idea of what I wanted to do, but I knew the program offered the chance to experience all aspects of engineering, without the risk of getting stuck in an area that I hated.

Turns out, I liked everywhere I went! And the chance to move into less traditional engineering roles gave me experience that I’d never even thought about, opening doors to opportunities I didn’t even know I wanted. Hence, here I am, a civil engineer, writing policies, letters to the minister and helping manage millions of dollars of infrastructure upgrades for Maritime.

What is the best part of the program?

The variety of experience you are exposed to is invaluable, whatever it is you’re interested in, there is a place for it somewhere within Transport. Personally, I‘ve had experience in everything from hands on engineering like geotechnical investigations and site work, to office based preliminary design work on the North West Rail Link project and unexpected experience in Timetable Development and Systems Engineering.

The networking opportunities are also a huge benefit of the program. There are hundreds of people to meet within the program, from all walks of life with different experiences. These are the people who will grow with you through the program and offer advice and help when you aren’t sure where to turn. Then there are the people you will meet as you rotate to different parts of the business, being a graduate actually allows you access to senior staff that regular employees might not enjoy. People are always open and often flattered to be mentoring or helping talent that are enthusiastic and willing to learn, I’ve met and learnt from some of the most knowledgeable people purely from the fact that I approached them not as an employee, but more as a student.

What are your goals and ambitions?

I guess the natural inclination for an engineer is to be able to point at something and say “I did that”. What I’ve learnt is “that” is often the result of many smaller things. So I guess my goals and ambitions for my career would be to be able to say “I did that... Which improved this, for them”. Vague, but you kind of agree with me right? Maybe I should be in sales?

What career path does Transport for NSW offer?

Transport can offer any career path you can think of. Personally, I would like to build on my experiences in the graduate program and move into a management role where we can push for innovation and get a bit creative in the way Transport moves forward in the future.

Would you recommend the graduate program to others?

Of course! The flexibility and opportunities that the program offers obviously works, there are plenty of success stories from those who have come through the program.

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